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Welcome to EDRDpro! A web-based community of Registered Dietitians (RD’s) and other like-minded professionals who treat eating disorders. ED professionals now, more than ever, need to have training and education on Health at Every Size, non-diet approach.  This is why EDRDpro Symposium was created. To make learning and training more accessible to all professionals around the world.

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Research shows that an estimated 40-60% of people seeking weight loss advice from a nutritionist struggle with disordered eating. I believe every nutritionist who counsels people understands clients need and want to establish a healthy relationship with food and their body. All nutritionists and dietitians need in-depth training and education in order to counsel effectively for preventing and treating eating disorders.  EDRDpro Symposium is designed just for this purpose.

Due to the fact that engaging in disordered eating behavior has become culturally normal, and that over 30 million Americans have eating disorders – every nutritionist can benefit from having exceptional skills to guide their clients toward Intuitive Eating and body compassion.

FREE TRAINING TIPS for non-diet nutrition counseling:

The EDRD pro counseling tips are designed to help you thrive in your non-diet counseling philosophy:   I can’t wait to connect! Join me